Wolverine And The X-Men Adventure Factory

Wolverine's Adventure Factory allows players to create their own game utilizing the characters and features...

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White Jumping

White Jumping is a side scrolling sports game in which the player has to avoid and jump over objects while skiing...

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Yum Yum Monkey

Yum Yum Monkey allows players to shot a monkey in order to collect tropical fruits on its way...

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Sztabkomania Haribo

Collect gold bars from the mine in this exciting new game made for the Haribo franchise!

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Dr Noize presents The Ballad of Phineas McBoof

Enjoy mesmerizing animations, sounds and music in Dr Noize's new ebook!

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We build social and mobile games with true passion.

Video presentation

On your right there is a video clip promoting our work which definitely is full of action. Our games are really dynamic, full of colors and filled with good sense of humor. These obvious advantages make us best partner in business for you. Cartoonish style perfectly combined with interesting plot and really mind-twisting adventures give any player - no matter how old and no matter how busy - lots of fun.